Inside Noah's Ark: Why it Worked
represents more that just a giant wooden ship - it reveals important details about the viability of the Ark to function in and survive the forces of a global flood. Learn how ancient knowledge of bamboo pipes, cisterns, cage design, animal-powered machines, food storage, lighting, ventilation, and water systems reveal the ship was not just seaworthy, but also an actual working vessel. In this book you will learn:
How critical issues of fresh water and waste removal might have been solved. Labor-saving minimal designs to aid in the care of the animal kinds. Historical efforts to determine feasible details of the Ark and its journey.

Why Noah Chose the Dove
When the people of the world sinned, and God chose the only righteous man, Noah, to build an ark, all of the animals gathered around. They, however, believed that Noah would only pick best of all the living creatures. The animals began to boast and argue amongst each other. "I am the largest," said the Elephant. "I am man's best friend," replied the dog. They argued and argued. Noah noticed one lonely bird sitting in a tree. Noah asked the small, white dove why he did not boast. The Dove replied that he believed that everyone has something special, that another doesn't. Though, all are equally created by God. Noah took all of the animals on the ark, but when he needed a `messenger' to see if the waters were going down, the one he chose was the dove. The dove is a bird of humility and peace.

Noah's Ark 3-D Pop-ups Board book
See the story and all the animals in amazing 3-D. Help Noah build the ark and count the animals!

The Humongous Book of Games for Children's Ministry
collection features 220 new games for children's ministry, daycare or after-school programming! Games are arranged by age (preschool, lower elementary, upper elementary) and by topics vital for kids, like friendship, God's love, Jesus' resurrection, and many other others! All games are indexed by energy level and Scripture. And though all games feature wild fun, each also makes a vital Bible point. Children's workers will always find just the right game for every lesson or ministry need!

Banners for All Seasons: How to Make Creative Banners for Holy Days and Holidays
deas for Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, baptism, designs using Christian symbols, words, tassels, instructions, and tips for designing your own patterns.

Searching For The Ark Of The Covenant
It is really exciting to see what happens when a well-trained scholar writes historically and Biblically based texts that answer deep burning questions. The author takes a very exciting, almost thriller-story style, to the exploration of possibilities about the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

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Noahs Ark Theme Baby  Bedroom Decorating Ideas - noahs ark nursery ideas - decorating ideas  noahs ark themed nursery
noahs ark baby bedrooms - Noah's Ark baby bedding -  rainbow bedroom ideas
Noahs ark decorating ideas, noahs ark theme bedroom and noah's ark room decor
Get creative and design a fun animal theme for the baby toddler Noahs Ark bedroom nursery
Noahs Ark
Bedroom Decorating Ideas
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noahs ark nursery decorating ideas noahs ark nursery noahs ark themed
And God said
                             to Noah  ....
bring into the ark  two of all living creatures....
Nursery in a Weekend  Noahs Ark DIY project Decorating book
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, filled with clouds, stars, sun, moon, ocean,  the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, and all the wild animals, to live on the earth.

Introduce your child to the Word of God and bring the classic Bible story to life in your very own Noah's Ark themed bedroom.

This gender neutral decorating theme is ideal for baby and toddlers, and a great way to teach them  animal names, while learning bible scripture.
noahs ark nursery ideas - fun decorating ideas for noahs ark theme nursery
noahs ark nursery decorating ideas noahs ark bedroom decor noahs ark room ideas
Noahs  Ark PAINT BY NUMBER wall mural noahs ark wall ideas noahs ark bedroom ideas
Noah's Ark Playroom

There is a boat load of  fun decorating options
for your Noahs Ark bedroom

First decision to make regarding your Noah's ark nursery...

Are you wanting an old worlde style nursery or modern nursery, gender neutral or gender specific?

Fun and colorful or bold and bright or soft and pastel


Get creative with clouds in your Noahs Ark nursery.

Painted clouds or cloud wall decal stickers on the ceiling and/or on tthe bedroom walls.

Don't want to paint, add a cloud themed wallpaper mural.

Hang fluffy clouds from the ceiling.
Make a
puffy cloud  window treatment.
And for extra cloudy fun hang a cloud celing light.

Visit our Clouds themed decorating section  for a variety of fun cloud themed decor.

What about some cloudy wet weather decor  - raindrops - come in a variety of colors, blue, black or for some colorful fun in rainbow colors.

Add a  rainbow  over the bed or from one wall  over onto the ceiling, or as a headboard.
Rainbow wall decal stickers come in a variety of sizes and colors, bold, pastel, watercolor, with clouds, with the sun.

Visit our Rainbow themed decorating section  for a variety of fun rainbow themed decor

Turn part of the bedroom walls into an ocean scene with the Ark floating on top.
Paint or wallpaper waves, rippling water.
Fill the sea with an assortment of sealife - whales, dolphins jumping out of the water, fish, turtles.

Visit the Underwater World Nursery  for ocean themed decor

Accent the room with faux trees, or tree wall decal stickers, grass and flowers.

* add a plush monkey  and/or a plush koala  sitting in
   the tree.

*  Scatter life size plush animals around the bedroom
Jungle animals  - farm animals  -  Arctic animals

*  Hang  birds  from the ceiling.
*  Make an ark for the wall from  plywood or cardboard
    and  attach plush animal  heads

*  Accent furniture with cute baby animal knobs and pulls

Add  bible verses  to your Noah's Ark nursery walls or personalized name wall decal stickers.

Place Bible verses in your clouds, around the crib

Bring in Bible verse throw pillows or floor pillows.

*  Bible stories  for the bookshelf

Noahs Ark Books

Pre-schoolers  - Childrens Bibles

Veggie Tales Movies and Books

noahs ark nursery decorating cloud decor rainbow decor noahs ark wall mural

whimsical images of animals - rhino, ram, zebra, cow, giraffe, horse, elephant,   camel - the ark with a dove  NOAH’S ARK.
Noah's Ark Felt Wall noahs ark playroom decorations Old Testament kids room decor
noahs ark playroom decorating ideas noahs ark bedroom decorations noah ark mural
noahs ark baby jungle animals wall mural stickers-noahs ark wall decorations
Animal wall stick ups - life size
noahs ark baby farm animals wall mural stickers-noahs ark wall decorations
noahs ark throw pillow noahs ark bedding noahs ark bedroom decor
noahs ark throw pillow noahs ark bedroom decor noahs ark throw pillows
rain clouds mobile rain clouds hanging decorations rain clouds noahs ark nursery decor
Rain clouds decor
Wet Weather decorating blog
Wooden Noah's Ark Cutout, Biblical Decor Noah's Ark wall decoration
cloud decorations hanging cloud decor noahs ark room decor cloud theme bedroom ideas
Cloud Shape Lights cloud hanging lights Cloud Night Light  kids bedroom decor
noahs ark wall clock noahs ark bedroom wall decor noahs ark room decorating
Sun Rainbow Cloud Kids Room Wall Clock noahs ark bedroom wall decorations
Lighted Ark Kids Decor Nursery decor Noahs Ark wall light noahs ark lighting
noahs ark wall shelf noahs ark wall decor ideas noahs ark bedroom decor noahs ark shelf
noahs ark wall art Watercolor print- The Lord is with you - Noah's Ark - Bible Verse
Noah's Ark Nursey Decorating Ideas