*  Hang  plush birds  from the ceiling.
plush animals around
    the bedroom

*  Make an ark for the wall from
    plywood or cardboard, attach
    plush animal  heads

*  Make a puffy cloud  window

* Accent with Precious Moments
   Bible story character figurines

*  Accent furniture with cute baby
animal knobs 
noahs ark nursery DIY decorating ideas noahs ark nursery ideas - Noahs Ark nursery theme, decorating ideas for noahs ark theme nursery
in a

DIY projects Decorating book
And God said to Noah  ....
bring into the ark  two of all living creatures....
The Encyclopedia Of Bible Games For Children's Ministry

Fun Group Games for Children's Ministry

The Humongous Book of Games for Children's Ministry
collection features 220 new games for children's ministry, daycare or after-school programming! Games are arranged by age (preschool, lower elementary, upper elementary) and by topics vital for kids, like friendship, God's love, Jesus' resurrection, and many other others! All games are indexed by energy level and Scripture. And though all games feature wild fun, each also makes a vital Bible point. Children's workers will always find just the right game for every lesson or ministry need!

Themed Baby Showers : Mother Goose to Noah's Ark: Hundreds of Creative Shower Ideas
Lots of creative ideas  -  for invitations, decorations, activities, gifts, favors and food listed under each party theme - dirty diaper cake  - send invitations in baby bottles - garden party and more.

stencils-noahs-ark-laser cut plastic stencils
whimsical images of animals - rhino, ram, zebra, cow, giraffe, horse, elephant,   camel - the ark with a dove and caption NOAH’S ARK.
Create fun borders, stencil furniture in children’s rooms and classrooms.
noahs ark  furniture - noahs ark  nursery room wallpaper wall stick ups. Noahs Ark nursery decorating. Noahs Ark Theme Decor.
Noahs Ark Theme Baby Toddler  Bedroom Decorating Ideas - noahs ark nursery ideas - decorating ideas for noahs ark theme nursery
noahs ark baby bedrooms - Noah's Ark baby bedding - fun theme baby bedrooms
Noahs ark decorating ideas, noahs ark theme bedroom and noah's ark room decor
Get creative and design a fun animal theme for the baby toddler Noahs Ark bedroom/nursery
Design a fun kid friendly  themed space for the Children's Ministry
noahs ark nursery ideas - fun decorating ideas for noahs ark theme nursery
Animal wall stick ups - life size

Elephants on the wall is fun and unique. Do it yourself Paint murals look great in any room
noahs ark baby jungle animals wall mural stickers-noahs ark wall decorations
* In the beginning God created the  heaven and the earth , filled with
   clouds, stars, sun and moon. Decorate your childs bedroom or
   nursery with Noahs Ark wall murals, paint  the sun, get creative
  clouds, either painted on the ceiling and walls or go the easy
   way and decorate with decals and mural stickers.

*  Paint  a
  rainbow  near the bed or from one wall
    over onto the ceiling, or as a

Paint or  wallpaper  - water - waves,  whale,  fishdolphins

Walls of the Wild life size Animal wall stick ups from critter walls

* Add some more fun to the bedroom walls
farm animals,
jungle animals  wall mural stickers.
trees, grass  and flowers.
noahs ark baby farm animals wall mural stickers-noahs ark wall decorations
Enchanting Noah's Ark bedding will lull your baby to sleep in no time, with the exciting bible dream animals displayed all over the bumper pad, blanket, dust ruffle and fitted sheet. This one of a kind Crib Bedding designed with you in mind, offers ultra beauty and comfort inviting your honey to sweet dreams. decorating ideas for noahs ark theme nursery. Noahs ark crib bedding-noahs ark mural-noahs ark bedroom decorating
Noah's Ark Frame
things remembered
 Noah's Ark frame will be treasured forever with your sincere message to your newborn. It also makes an especially cute gift for newborn twins. It's intricately designed with dogs, elephants, bunnies, doves, kittens, giraffes, alligators, lions and dolphins. The top of the frame says "My New Family" and has room for your little one's photo plus family photos.
Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Accent your Sunday school room with a Wherever He Leads Nomad or cardboard standee. Each Wherever He Leads Nomad is made of fabric and sticks to your walls. Nomads are repositionable and safe for your walls. Just peel off backing, and place in desired area. Cardboard standees require easy assembly. Each nomad and standee is 5 ft. 6 inches high x 3ft. wide.
 Noah's Arc Standee can decorate a Sunday School Classes, Vacation Bible Schools or pre-school classrooms with pairs of animals. The Noah's Arc Standee is brightly printed on sturdy free-standing carboard. Children will use their imaginations while learning the story of Noah and the Arc! Noah's Arc is 4'h x 5'w and is easily assembled.. sunday school classroom for youth
Give your ministry space an adventurous, fun atmosphere kids will love! Dream Themes will help you create visually appealing ministry areas - jazzy ideas for decorating the nursery - ideas to tweak and improve what you have - several Bible stories and verses, and ways to tie them to your theme. Create dramatic new ministry areas that will keep the kids coming back.
Dream Themes:
 Decorating Ideas for Your
delightful bedding group mixes blue & sage chambray, natural waffle pique and brown ultra suede. It is a perfect unisex group with adorable Noah's Ark themed appliques and embroideries. make a contemporary statement in your child's nursery. With its vibrant print and pattern, Noah's Ark is the perfect fit for your little superstar. The detailed Noah's Ark themed appliques and "two by two" embroideries are brought to life in a delightful mix of blue and sage chambray, natural waffle pique and brown ultra-suede. This adorable Noah's Ark crib bedding set will add style and dimension to your precious little one's room.
 lovely frame, welcome by parents and grandparents, is the perfect gift. The design shows the ark with its animals, and baby right in the middle of the action!
Capturing the drama of the original Sistine Chapel fresco depicting the moment God gives life to man, these impressively large-scale, three-dimensional wall sculptures possess a sense of the majesty of creation. Cast in quality designer resin with an ancient stone finish, our exclusive wall sculptures bring one of the world’s most famous dramatic images into your home or gallery.
Perfect for daycare or Pre-K, this timeless image will be an attractive addition to any nursery or childcare center. Children will delight in the familiar animals on this rug, Perfect for story time or group gatherings. Noahs Ark Theme
Nazareth Village Background features a view of a busy street in Nazareth complete with stone buildings, sheep, donkeys and the community well. Each free-standing Nazareth Village Background measures 7 feet 4 inches tall x 14 feet 8 inches wide and is printed on cardboard. Use the Nazareth Village Background to create a fantastic scene for your vacation bible school or Sunday school class. Easy assembly.
A Quilter's Ark: More Than 50 Designs for Foundation Piecing
beautiful works of art - unique and simple in their construction. The Noah's Ark quilt is a classic. Learn to easily foundation piece cats, cows, lions, monkeys, elephants, chickens, bunnies, pelicans, eagles, peacocks, butterflies, cardinals, hummingbirds, kangaroos, there are so many different animal patterns in this book, from farm animals to zoo animals, to Australian animals and more. Section pertaining to fabric choice and the dramatic difference that selection of fabric and color make in the final design.

Banners for All Seasons: How to Make Creative Banners for Holy Days and Holidays
variety of books with ideas for Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, baptism, designs using Christian symbols, words, tassels, instructions, and tips for designing your own patterns.

Food Fun Devotions for Children's Ministry
Kids love snacks, so feed them snacks - and teach a Bible lesson at the same time! 40 fun activities that are snack-based and Bible-filled to use in Sunday school classes, after-school programs, or parties! Includes food crafts, food devotions, food games, food experiments, and even food service projects - all designed for use with kindergartners up to 5th graders. A must-have book for teachers with hungry kids!

Searching For The Ark Of The Covenant
It is really exciting to see what happens when a well-trained scholar writes historically and Biblically based texts that answer deep burning questions. The author takes a very exciting, almost thriller-story style, to the exploration of possibilities about the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

 real sea shell night light
Little Tikes Noah's Ark Toddler Bed
Little Tikes Noah's Ark Toddler Bed
search around ebay, you might get lucky
Noah's Ark Wall Clock
Wall Art Decal Sticker Religious Praying Hands-wall mural praying hands
Celebrate the text that has withstood the test of time—the words Moses brought down from Mount Sinai. Our faux stone tablet is both historic and inspiring, and makes a defining statement in your home or garden. Cast in quality designer resin exclusively for Design Toscano, the scripture is written in English on one side and an ancient Hebrew dialect on the other. Sand can be placed in the base for extra ballast.
Images of faith and family combine in one warm-hearted wall decoration! Woven rattan cross puts four 4 x 6 photos, plus the Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm on proud display
Nazareth Village Vacation Bible School Theme
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Noah's Submarine Animals Giant Wallpaper Accent Mural
Noahs Ark Fabric Wall Decal
Holiday Lighted Noah's Ark
noahs ark night light
Jesus Prayer Gethesmane Garden Christianity Wall Mural Religion Photo Wallpaper
variety  of  Noahs Ark Murals
at Murals your way